• Image of 9 x 12 Inked Commission

Inked commission of one or two characters of your choice (with some background) on 9 x 12 bristol board.

***IMPORTANT*** Sometimes listings sell out while you are in the process of checking out. If your order went through, you will receive an email confirmation for the order. ******


Please indicate what character you would like, and if necessary, which version of their costume in the notes to seller area. Commission can be personalized by request. (***Please note that I am limiting requests to character and costume only - background, composition, etc. will be at my discretion.***)

No requests for lewd/graphic/overly violent content will be honored.

Established characters only.

Finished art is intended for your enjoyment only, not publication.

I will follow up with you through email to confirm your character request.

***PLEASE NOTE: Commissions will be completed on a first come, first served basis. Once your order is placed, I will follow up to confirm approximately what month your commission will be finished. The wait may be many months. If you don't want to wait that long for a completed commission, please don't purchase.***

Shipping is $15 and includes insurance and delivery confirmation.

Missouri residents will pay a sales tax of 4.225%.

And, US SHIPPING ONLY!! Apologies to my international friends - we are currently looking for affordable, insured shipping options but haven't found any yet.

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